Five reasons why MacGillivray's Warblers drive me up the wall:

  1. They like to hide behind sticks. This is not conducive to photography (unless you're trying to do stick photography, and I've already mastered that).
  2. They don't like anything that moves. That includes the photographer who might be silly enough to consider moving 5 cm to the left or right to get a clean shot.
  3. They are odd warblers that stay close to the ground (a good thing for photography) and love thick vegetation (a bad thing for photography).
  4. They have that wonderful combination of a bright body and a dark head. This makes for super fun exposure, especially in those rare instances where they come out from behind a stick in sunlight.
  5. They can't sit still for more than two seconds. Because they're warblers. And they hate me.

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