The montane white-eye (Zosterops poliogaster), also known as the broad-ringed white-eye, is a species of bird in the Zosteropidae family. It includes numerous subspecies, several of which are restricted to isolated mountains. Some of these are sometimes considered separate monotypic species, such as the Kulal white-eye (Zosterops kulalensis), Taita white-eye (Zosterops silvanus), South Pare white-eye (Zosterops winifredae), Kikuyu white-eye (Zosterops kikuyuensis), and Mbulu white-eye (Zosterops mbuluensis).

It is found in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Tanzania. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland, plantations, and rural gardens.
Broad-ringed White-eye

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