The yellow-browed warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus) is a leaf warbler (family Phylloscopidae) which breeds in temperate Asia. This warbler is strongly migratory and winters mainly in tropical southeast Asia, but also in small numbers in western Europe. Like the rest of Phylloscopidae, it was formerly included in the Old World warbler assemblage.

It was formerly considered to comprise three subspecies, but P. i. humei and P. i. mandellii are now split as a separate species, Hume's leaf warbler P. humei, leaving P. inornatus monotypic. The two sister species differ slightly but consistently in morphology, bioacoustics, and molecular characters. Before the species was split, the names yellow-browed willow warbler and inornate warbler were used by a few authors.
Yellow-browed Warbler
Date Location Count
2021-05-17 11:00Аршан (Arshan)1
2021-05-22 16:00Темнохвойная тайга на реке Снежной (Dark Taiga near Snezhnaya River)1
2021-05-23 08:00Выдрино (Vydrino)2
2021-06-03 05:53Nogoon nuur1
2021-06-04 11:43Seol Club2
2021-05-30 09:00Смешанный лес севернее д. Гурульба (Mixed Wood N from Gurulba Village)3
2021-05-29 14:11Jalman Meadows, Khan Kentii National Park, MN3
2021-05-29 06:15Foping Nature Reserve--upper saddle (2100m)3
2021-05-31 10:15朝阳沟 (Chaoyang Gou)2
2021-05-31 04:15灵山风景名胜区 (Lingshan Scenic Area)1
2021-05-22 13:30野鸭湖 (Wild Duck Lake)1
2021-05-29 16:00阳台山玫瑰园 (Yangtaishan Rosefields)4
2021-05-24 08:18百望山森林公园 (Baiwangshan Forest Park)2
2021-05-25 06:05圆明园 (Yuanmingyuan Relic Park)1
2021-05-31 07:22北京大学 (Peking University)1
2021-05-25 08:56玉渊潭公园 (Yuyuantan Park)1
2021-05-17 13:20清华大学 (Tsinghua University)1
2021-05-23 07:30奥林匹克森林公园-南园 (Olympic Forest Park-South Park)2
2021-05-25 11:13奥林匹克森林公园-北园 (Olympic Forest Park-North Park)1
2021-05-28 15:20奥林匹克森林公园 (Olympic Forest Park)1
2021-05-22 09:56天坛公园 (Temple of Heaven)1
2021-05-19 11:50团结湖公园 (Tuanjie Lake Park)
2021-05-30 14:00全国农业展览馆 (China Agricultural Exhibition Center)3
2021-05-22 08:41大运河森林公园 (Grand Canal Forest Park)1
2021-05-20 09:00天津水上公园 (Tianjin Water Park)2
2021-05-19 06:28南开大学 (Nankai University)1
2021-05-23 09:36汉沽滨海林地 (Hangu Coast Trees)5
2021-05-30 16:49南盐公园 (Nanyan Park)3
2021-06-01 06:32南堡滩涂 (Nanpu Mudflat)1
2021-05-17 11:13监狱树 [限制进入] (Prison Trees [Restricted access])15
2021-06-02 07:00大清谷 (Daqing Valley)2
2021-05-17 11:57西湖文化广场 (West Lake Cultural Square)2
2021-05-15小洋山岛 (Lesser Yangshan Island)1
2021-06-01 11:50Baekryeong Island1
2021-05-31 14:19전라북도 신시도 Sinsi Island1
2021-05-21 12:11Namsan-NTofKorea1
2021-05-15 10:08어린이대공원(Children's Grand Park)
2021-05-25 09:45新潟市--西海岸公園 (Niigata--Nishikaigan Park)1
2021-05-15 10:45酒田市--飛島 (Sakata--Tobishima (island))