The dusky warbler (Phylloscopus fuscatus) is a leaf warbler which breeds in east Asia. The genus name Phylloscopus is from Ancient Greek phullon, "leaf", and skopos, "seeker" (from skopeo, "to watch"). The specific fuscata is from Latin fuscus "dark".

This warbler is strongly migratory and winters in southeast Asia. It sometimes occurs in North America in Alaska, and has also occurred in California.

This is an abundant bird of taiga bogs and wet meadows. The nest is built low in a bush, and 5-6 eggs are laid. Like most Old World warblers, this small passerine is insectivorous.

The dusky warbler is prone to vagrancy as far as western Europe in October, despite a 3000 km distance from its breeding grounds. It has wintered in Great Britain.

This is a warbler similar in size and shape to a chiffchaff. The adult has an unstreaked brown back and buff underparts. There is a prominent whitish supercilium, and the bill is fine and pointed. The sexes are identical, as with most warblers, but young birds are more olive-tinged above. Like most warblers, it is insectivorous, but will take other small food items, including berries.

The song is a monotonous whistle, and the call is a harsh check. The call is often the first clue that this typically skulking species is present, away from the breeding grounds.

Dusky Warbler
Date Location Count
2021-05-30 10:00KhukhBurd Lake, Bayan-Ovoo, Bayankhongor, MN1
2021-05-18 19:06Arvaikheer city, Uvurkhangai, MN3
2021-05-15 08:00Lama Monastery, Wolong 1
2021-06-10 09:53Dalangiin bulag, Dalandzadagad city, Ömnögovi, MN1
2021-05-22 16:00Темнохвойная тайга на реке Снежной (Dark Taiga near Snezhnaya River)1
2021-05-23 08:00Выдрино (Vydrino)3
2021-06-04 05:40Mongolica Resort, UB, MN3
2021-06-03 05:53Nogoon nuur3
2021-06-01 17:51Tuul Gol1
2021-06-09 14:16Peace avenue, Ulaanbaatar1
2021-06-03 13:38Seol Club5
2021-05-29 06:15Foping Nature Reserve--upper saddle (2100m)4
2021-05-16 07:20神农架国家公园 (Shennongjia National Park)3
2021-06-06 07:34Khurkh Bird Ringing Station, Khentii, MN4
2021-05-16 09:50马场 (Ma Chang)1
2021-05-22 13:30野鸭湖 (Wild Duck Lake)1
2021-05-29 16:00阳台山玫瑰园 (Yangtaishan Rosefields)1
2021-05-24 08:18百望山森林公园 (Baiwangshan Forest Park)2
2021-05-24 17:20中关村软件园 (Zhongguancun Software Park)8
2021-05-25 06:05圆明园 (Yuanmingyuan Relic Park)2
2021-06-02 08:39沙河水库 (Shahe Reservoir)2
2021-06-04 07:28北京大学 (Peking University)2
2021-05-25 08:56玉渊潭公园 (Yuyuantan Park)2
2021-05-23 08:41奥林匹克森林公园-南园 (Olympic Forest Park-South Park)1
2021-05-22 09:56天坛公园 (Temple of Heaven)1
2021-05-30 14:00全国农业展览馆 (China Agricultural Exhibition Center)1
2021-05-26 17:00温榆河 (Wenyu River)1
2021-05-22 10:38大运河森林公园 (Grand Canal Forest Park)1
2021-05-24 13:27汉沽滨海 (Hangu Ponds and Coast)1
2021-05-23 09:36汉沽滨海林地 (Hangu Coast Trees)3
2021-05-25 04:30北堡滩涂 (Beipu Mudflat)1
2021-06-02 07:13南堡滩涂 (Nanpu Mudflat)1
2021-05-26 10:11监狱树 [限制进入] (Prison Trees [Restricted access])1
2021-05-18 07:12金門--慈湖南山林道(Kinmen--Lake Ci Nanshan Path)1
2021-05-17 05:45金門--浯江溪口(Kinmen--Wujiang River Estuary)1
2021-05-17 07:05金門--空中大學水池(Kinmen--Pond of National Open University)1
2021-05-15 07:08金門--蘭湖水庫(Kinmen--Lanhu Reservoir)1
2021-05-19 06:00金門--金門植物園(Kinmen--Botanical Garden)1
2021-05-15 04:52蒋村 (Jiangcun Street)1
2021-05-22江洋畈生态公园 (Jiangyangfan Eco-Park)1
2021-05-27 07:44西湖文化广场 (West Lake Cultural Square)1
2021-05-24 09:20大公岛省级自然保护区 (Dagong Island PNR)2
2021-05-22 12:24大莲湖 (Dalian Lake)1
2021-05-22 08:35南汇东滩 (Nanhui Dongtan)1
2021-05-28 15:00向海国家级自然保护区 (Xianghai NNR)2
2021-06-05 05:05Baekryeong Island5
2021-05-24 06:04충청남도 외연도 Oeyeon Island3
2021-06-06 07:10Пик Чехова (Chekhov Peak)2