The lazuli bunting (Passerina amoena) is a North American songbird named for the gemstone lapis lazuli.

The male is easily recognized by its bright blue head and back (lighter than the closely related indigo bunting), its conspicuous white wingbars, and its light rusty breast and white belly. The color pattern may suggest the eastern and western bluebirds, but the smaller size (13–14 cm or 5–5.5 inches long), wingbars, and short and conical bunting bill quickly distinguish it. The female is brown, grayer above and warmer underneath, told from the female indigo bunting by two thin and pale wingbars and other plumage details.

The song is a high, rapid, strident warble, similar to that of the indigo bunting but longer and with less repetition.

Lazuli buntings breed mostly west of the 100th meridian from southern Canada to northern Texas, central New Mexico and Arizona, and southern California. On the Pacific coast their breeding range extends south to extreme northwestern Baja California. They migrate to southeastern Arizona and Mexico. Their habitat is brushy areas and sometimes weedy pastures, generally well-watered, and sometimes in towns.

These birds eat mostly seeds and insects. They may feed conspicuously on the ground or in bushes, but singing males are often very elusive in treetops.

This bird makes a loose cup nest of grasses and rootlets placed in a bush. It lays three or four pale blue eggs. In the eastern and southern part of its range, it often hybridizes with the indigo bunting.

Lazuli Bunting
Date Location Count
2021-11-11 07:30Rancho Tierra Colorada1
2021-11-29 07:52Comunidad Vida1
2021-11-21 07:40Sendero del Estanque y Cementerio4
2021-11-15 07:25Bosque del Centinela1
2021-11-30 06:55San Bernardino NWR3
2021-12-04 13:09Whitewater Draw WA2
2021-11-13 07:03Parque Las Riberas2
2021-12-02 09:40Curtis Flats Rd (St. David)1
2021-11-20 09:31San Pedro RNCA--Hereford Bridge1
2021-12-03 11:04San Pedro RNCA--Kingfisher Pond2
2021-11-30 08:20Casa de San Pedro B&B--Visitors Welcome2
2021-12-05 08:45San Pedro RNCA--San Pedro House and trails2
2021-11-27 07:09San Pedro RNCA--Escapule Wash4
2021-11-24 06:58Las Cabras1
2021-11-19 07:06Parker Canyon Lake1
2021-11-09 08:50Peppersauce Canyon2
2021-12-03 08:15Oracle State Park1
2021-11-24 09:32Colossal Cave Mountain Park2
2021-12-03 07:58La Posta Quemada Ranch6
2021-12-05 09:16Cienega Creek Preserve (permit required)4
2021-11-28 08:22Tanque Verde Wash--Wentworth Rd.4
2021-11-12 08:13Agua Caliente Park1
2021-12-05 12:15Las Cienegas NCA--Empire Gulch2
2021-11-06 06:25Lakeside Park1
2021-11-06 11:10Harshaw Creek Road4
2021-11-07 14:12Pantano River Park--Glenn St/Sahuara Ave (opened 2018)1
2021-12-05 07:32Fort Lowell Park and Pantano Wash2
2021-11-10 07:57Catalina SP2
2021-12-05 12:06Arizona Birding Tours feeders--Visitors Welcome2
2021-12-01 08:47Patagonia Town Park5
2021-12-05 12:46Paton Center for Hummingbirds (Patons' Yard)2
2021-12-04 15:31Blue Haven Rd--between Paton's and the Preserve2
2021-11-24 08:01Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve15
2021-11-08 07:04Blue Haven Rd--Temporal Gulch8
2021-11-15 08:00Florida Canyon--lower2
2021-11-22 12:55Madera Canyon--Mt. Wrightson Picnic Area & Upper Canyon Trails1
2021-11-24 12:30Madera Canyon--Santa Rita Lodge1
2021-11-24 07:43Madera Canyon--Madera Picnic Area1
2021-12-03 11:14Madera Canyon--Whitehouse Picnic area1
2021-11-21 08:17Madera Canyon--Proctor Rd.4
2021-12-03 13:35Patagonia Lake SP--Birding Trail4
2021-12-01 07:40Sweetwater Wetlands1
2021-11-12 10:43Patagonia Lake State Park1
2021-11-09 07:05Kennedy Park2
2021-12-03 14:03Christopher Columbus Park1
2021-11-10 06:52Santa Cruz River--El Camino Del Cerro1
2021-12-03 16:00Patagonia Lake dam/spillway area4
2021-11-28 07:36Santa Cruz River--Sunset Rd. to Camino del Cerro1
2021-11-16 11:12Agua Caliente Canyon2
2021-11-20 15:30Santa Cruz River--Ina Rd.1
2021-12-04 08:18stakeout Least Flycatcher, Sonoita Creek (2021)2
2021-11-20 08:45Santa Cruz River--Crossroads at Silverbell District Park1
2021-11-21 07:43Santa Cruz River--Twin Peaks Rd.1
2021-12-04 08:31Santa Cruz River--Cortaro Mesquite Bosque1
2021-11-19 16:07El Rio Open Space Preserve1
2021-12-04 08:45Canoa Ranch Conservation Park1
2021-11-22 09:25Santa Cruz River--Avra Valley Rd.1
2021-12-05 13:24De Anza Trail--Tubac1
2021-11-12 11:13De Anza Trail--Tubac kiosk area1
2021-12-03 09:05De Anza Trail--Carmen (Clark Crossing Rd)2
2021-11-18 15:35Santa Gertrudis Lane (foot access only)1
2021-12-01 08:10Pena Blanca Lake1
2021-11-26 06:47White Rock Campground4
2021-12-05 11:13Santa Cruz River--Sasco Rd1
2021-11-30 08:02Ruby (ghost town)6
2021-12-03 10:05Arivaca Lake1
2021-11-26 10:28Dead Horse Ranch SP1
2021-12-04 06:45Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de la Laguna--Cañón San Dionisio3
2021-12-05 07:20San Antonio de la Sierra5
2021-11-27 14:10San Antonio de la Sierra--Cruce de Arroyo Km 223
2021-11-14 08:08Sierra Las Pirras6
2021-11-19 08:12Flora Farms5
2021-12-05 09:54San Antonio de la Sierra--Puerta a la Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de la Laguna3
2021-11-17 06:52Reserva Ecológica Esteró de San José del Cabo3
2021-11-22 13:03Isla San Jose--Desembarco Encantada1
2021-11-14 16:05La Poza de Todos Santos1