The Egyptian nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius) is a medium-small nightjar which occurs in south west Asia and north Africa, and winters in tropical Africa. The genus name Caprimulgus is derived from the Latin capra, "nanny goat", and mulgere, "to milk", referring to an old myth that nightjars suck milk from goats. The specific aegyptius is Latin for Egyptian.". The common name "nightjar", first recorded in 1630, refers to the nocturnal habits of the bird, the second part of the name deriving from the distinctive churring song.

It is a late migrant, seldom appearing before the end of April or beginning of May. It is a rare visitor to Europe, but has twice occurred as far away as Great Britain.

Open desert with a few trees or bushes are the haunts of this crepuscular nightjar. It flies at dusk, most often at sundown, with an easy, silent moth-like flight; its strong and deliberate wingbeats alternate with sweeps and wheels with motionless wings.

The variegated plumage is much paler than the European nightjar. The adult is sand-colours, barred and streaked with buff and brown. The under parts are sandy or whitish. It is smaller, but relatively longer-winged and longer-tailed than the more widespread species. Like other nightjars, it has a wide gape, long wings, soft downy plumage and nocturnal habits. The male has tiny white wing spots. The length is 25 cm, and the wingspan 55 cm.

Its call is a repetitive mechanical kroo-kroo-kroo…, which rises and falls as the bird turns its head from side to side. Crepuscular insects, such as moths, are its food.

During the day this nightjar lies silent upon the ground, concealed by its plumage; it is difficult to detect, blending in with the sandy soil. No nest is made; the two elongated and elliptical eggs are placed upon the bare ground; the brooding bird, sitting closely, is their best protection.
Egyptian Nightjar
Date Location Count
2021-08-30 07:29Dukan--garbage dump5
2021-09-18 06:00Jahra East Outfall ( al Jodailyat)1
2021-09-03 05:23Al Asfar Lake (بحيرة الأصفر)6
2021-09-08 16:45Abu Nakla STP6
2021-09-17 06:15Sila'a--general area1
2021-09-21 06:30Ajban Farms20
2021-09-03 06:14Al Maha Forest--southern desert lakes1
2021-09-03 06:10Al Maha Forest--Pivot Fields (no access)1
2021-09-19 08:20Al Marmoom DCR--Long Expo Lakes7
2021-09-03 08:00Private estate near Green Mubazzarah3